Know in Advance How the Market Moves!

… Discover How You Can Get Heads Up Alerts For Both BUY and SELL Signal And Protect Your Profit and Capital Through Our Visual Tools!

  • Do you know what type of stocks to trade and how to trade them?
  • Would you like to know how to read their charts and project their potential ahead of time?
  • How about being able to enter ahead of the crowds and get to buy at a lower price?
  • How to take profits and exit before wild swings start?
  • How to manage risks through the stock’s risk level?
  • How to easily forecast what is likely to happen next through the strength of momentum in the direction of the price movement?
  • What is the relationship between price and risk level?

It is not just “What” you need to do for you trading success, most importantly it’s “What and How” you do it …

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Early Signal System - Beware and Potential (P) Buy arrows


Determine the strength of momentum of the trade

index trading

Identify and measure the potential price target using the 5 Risk Levels

Orchard Parade


Used in conjunction with MetaStock v13, the JIN system SHOW traders clearly what is momentum move and the potential target of support and resistance price.

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