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In 1997, 2000, 2003 and 2007, in a short span of 10 years, we’ve witnessed 4 financial tsunamis. Many a company and individuals faced tremendous difficulties during these periods of tremendous turmoil in the financial markets. Indeed, many lost their hard earned fortunes accumulated through the years.

I started trading full-time in about 2006. That year saw me making good money but the subsequent two years were horrendous years for me and some friends.

Is there a better way to trade? Like the Tsunami Warning Systems set up to monitor and alert sea quakes, is there some advanced warning system that could provide an early warning system, a safeguard to everyday unsophisticated traders? I’m an IT professional by training and practice and I believe there must be a system, a way, that even a novice trader, once taught, would be able to apply to maximize his profits and to protect his capital.

tsunami warning system

The Tsunami Warning System

Thus began my more than two years of study and real-time testing. I read books, attended courses and I sought out teachers who could show me the way.

In January 2010, after spending tens of thousands of dollars, was “born”.

We had named it an Advanced Alert System because just like the Tsunami Advanced Warning System, our 2 objectives are to help traders to 1. maximize profits and 2. protect capital.


The JIN System

JIN System helps you to Maximise Profits and Protect Capital


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