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How then can one start to learn more?

We provide one month trial, however there are three parts to it. Please note that our JIN System is an add-on to Metastock Charting software version 11 and 12 (version 12 is currently the latest release), therefore in order to use our JIN System:

a. You need to have the End-of-day version of Metastock Charting software (minimum requirement is version 11) installed in your computer. Provided by Thomson Reuters, this highly popular and in-demand software, used by top traders such as Dr. Alexander Elder, can be purchased through us (we are an official partner of Thomson Reuters). For more info on MetaStock and how to purchase, please click here:  MetaStock.  Please note that you have to purchase the software. Currently, we only have the latest version 12.

b. End-of-day version of Metastock Charting software requires data feed (stock price) for every trading day. For the Singapore SGX data, there is a third party service provider who can supply this feed for your MetaStock software (only for version 11) at a one-time payment of less than $100. Click here for more information: SGX Data Feed. Data feed for version 12 is available only through Thomson Reuters.

c. Once you have done the above, you can then subscribe to our JIN System. JIN System is an add-on service. For more information, please click here.

If you keen for the trial (there is a minimal investment of about S$100), we can arrange for you to have both Metastock charting software end of day version 12, end-of-day data and JIN System for a one-month trial. This way, you get to experience our JIN System for one whole month!

We seldom conduct trainings. We have designed our system to be easy to use and one can learn through “home study”. To help you to kick start, we have prepared a Report (this is easily worth S$4,000) for a small fee.  This consists of the concept of enter, exit and risk management.


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